Friday, December 2, 2011

Laundry Blessings

Up to my eyeballs in dirty laundry. The mounds of it never seem to end.

Where do all these clothes come from, anyways??

I sort through the clothes, putting the jeans in a pile, and the whites in a pile, the colors in between...
I sigh just a bit. SO much work! SO many clothes!

I load the washer full, and there doesn't seem to be a dent in the pile of soiled clothes.

And yet, there's a blessing to be had here. Clothes. All these dirty ones mean that my family has clothing to wear. Work clothes. Play clothes. church clothes. Winter clothes. Summer clothes. We have clothes to wear!

Another blessing to be had- I have PEOPLE in my family to wear these clothes! Imagine how lonely we would be if we didn't have all those clothes to wash simply because we didn't have the people in our lives to wear them?

And so, I wash clothes. Thanking God for the people in my life and the clothes they have to wear.

Sure, the process is overwhelming at times, but my burden becomes lighter as I count my blessings and remember the good things.

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