Friday, December 2, 2011

Week's End

They bounced through the field, my two eldest children, running through grasses, chasing their puppy with glee. It was such a happy carefree moment in time. The baby was taking her afternoon nap, my arms were free, my heart was happy. Life just felt so good. I thought to myself "wow. This is such a happy life." We returned from our walk, grabbed a well worn quilt and flopped out onto the back porch to bask in the sunshine. Plates of corn chips with salsa and hummus to satisfy the kid's hunger, storybooks and christmas music.

Fast forward several hours. Baby is now awake, kid's are clamoring for attention-apparently their love cups are already emptied? Mike is nearly home, I'm trying desperately to get supper on the table, but it's just not happening. I'm feeling tired and worn from the day. All I can think of is bedtime and tucking my dear ones into their respective beds for the nights and collapsing into my own.

It's amazing how easily our happy carefree thoughts are transformed into ones of weariness and overwhelming-ness.

This is when grace takes over. It's grace at these times that help us to make it through to the end of the day. It's grace that pulls our weary thoughts together and helps us remember once more that good in our day. It's grace that covers our tension filled voice when we hear those little voices vying for our attention once more. It's grace that soothes our tangled nerves.

Tonight as I remember all of the good that was in today, I'll also remember to give thanks for God's grace that has helped me to make it through. And tomorrow? We'll do it all again.

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