Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Car Times

I don't know about you, but car travel makes me tired. Just thinking of trying to keep the kids all happy and taken care of while they are contained to a car seat for any larger length of time is enough to make me say- "hmm... think I'll just stay home today!" lol!

Things get a little crazy. "Mommy! Are we almost there?" Mommy, I got to go potty!" Mommy! I'm hungry. NO! I don't want crackers! I want REAL food! (what's real food? lol)"Mommy! He's hitting me with a blanket!" Waaaaaahhhhh! (hm, guess she wants a bottle? no. oh? A toy? guess not that either. What DOES she want anyway?) oh yes... we're real life around here. But we'd also love some solutions! What ideas do you have that makes car travel easier on mom? (you know, so she can actually sit in the front seat next to dad instead of diving all over the car for this thing or that thing. haha!) So when all else fails.... make faces! And have mom take pictures of it. ;) Here Hannah is attempting a "real scary look." ;) very cute.
I think Nathan might be doing the same. lol

And Rebecca? Why fake it. Let it out! Waaaaaahhhhh!!!!

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