Monday, January 9, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Every year, right around January 1st, I sit down and I write a list of the goals that I have for the upcoming year. This year was no exception. Just, I didn't get it all up and posted on the 1st like I usually do. ;) Life, ya know?

So here's a summary. This year, Mike and I sat down as a couple and decided on some goals and aspirations for the new year. (goals and aspirations.... that's what we decided to call them.) All these things may not be accomplished. In fact, they very well may not be. But we are aspiring towards them and would like to make them a reality in this new year.

We not only wrote down our goals and aspirations, but we also wrote down ways to attain them. We are trying! It can be so hard to find the needed motivation at 8:00 at night when we are bone weary from long days worth of work. So as time goes on I am sure we will tweak our thoughts and strategies and find something that works out for us.

- In shape bodies. how to accomplish this? 3x a wk. M,W,F. work out. Alternate DVD and treadmill.

-Learn to play guitar. 2x a wk. T, TH. with a DVD.

-Spend more consistent time in God's Word. 6:30-7:00 a.m. daily. (this is a hard struggle, folks. mainly because it's hard to get consistent sleep with little ones. I know that's an excuse-maybe. But on the other hand, when you are losing so much sleep, your body weakens and so does your temperament. So, i have to make sure I get sleep somehow. But spending time with God is also important. Still working on how to balance this out!

-Work on Character Training in the Children. Character building stories, keepers of the faith character studies,

-More Quality time as a couple. (always a work in progress. spending time together)

These were things to do as a couple/family. Then we had some separate goals.

Mike's included things such as a good orderly Dog facility, a new male breeding dog (Pet. :) hehe)

More landscaping around our place. Planting more fruit trees. A well maintained garden.

Mine included such things as developing a housecleaning schedule (that works!) and a good workable laundry schedule (i think the big clue in this is including the kiddo's in the process!) Develop a smoother morning routine (KEY-get up before kid's!!!) And pretty much completely phase out of dairy usage. (which is vital since all our kid's are allergic to it anyways)

And a goal for my oldest daughter is for me to begin teaching her to play the piano and to set up a 1/2 hr. daily practise time.

I also want to teach my children more singing and scripture memory. We developed a plan that is working for us. Every morning at the breakfast table we read our daily devotional, and do a weekly memory verse. Plus we sing a song or two!

I love the clean slate that a new year brings my way. It feels clean, fresh and new and it's a happy time of the year for me. :)

Looking forward to seeing some of these goals and aspirations become a reality in this new year!

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  1. Fabulous goals. Love how you are making such progress -- figuring out the way life works with three kiddos. :) You're doing great. Getting up before the kids is nigh impossible for me. And I think we moms have to somehow work in spiritual inspirational moments and talking to God throughout our day... I'm still trying to figure that out, honestly. :)