Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Time.... it escapes me. Or maybe it's just the lack of free time that escapes me. We all have 24 hours in a day. Or so I've been told. *chuckle*

So What Have I been doing with all my time anyways?

Playing race cars with my two oldest? :)Or maybe making faces with my boy?
Honestly... I certainly hope I wasn't scowling like my baby girl!

(She mustn't have liked the blackberries smeared all over her face. Least wise, that's what I'm guessing!)

So really. What have I been doing? Well, alot.

Showering. Making breakfast. Making lunch (hello lunch boxes and sandwiches-are they making my lunch time easier? or are they making my morning harder? not quite sure on this aspect yet! will write more as I figure that one out. haha!) clean up, dishes, laundry, school time, lunch time, naptime for baby, try to keep kids occupied whilst being quiet so baby can sleep, go outside if weather cooperates, story time or watch a movie, supper making (aka stress point #2 of the day), mike comes home, eat supper, bathtime, jammies, stories, (wait! i need a drink! calls a little voice) lights out for little breathes sigh of relief and collapses on the bed.

LOL! yeah... pretty crazy, right?

I've actually been having a really good week so far. It's been highly busy and hard sometimes to keep the motivation going and the yawns at bay, but overall it's been good.

Today I went to the church and worked on setting up a new program for the Kindergarten children's classroom. We are doing Africa! So excited about the whole thing. Been planning and strategizing new schemes for making things interesting and fun for the kids yet easy enough to actually keep up with for us teachers! Big thanks to our wonderful pastor's wife and another beautiful family who came and helped out today and made alot of "Africa" possible! It was so exciting to see the whole theme pull together! You have thoughts and ideas, but somehow it all seems a bit impossible to pull together. But when it does.... wow. It's so great! and exciting!

I've gotten some much needed deeper cleaning done this week as well. Like shower's and shower doors cleaned (tried out dawn dish soap and vinegar in a spray bottle for my glass shower doors and WOW. amazing.) laundry all caught up and put away, floors mopped, cabinet doors wiped down, microwave cleaned, dresser drawers re arranged and made manageable, and more. There's always more to do, but somehow, it's been a good week. A good week for school work with Hannah. I have a new program by Christian Light Education that I am doing with her called Learning to Read. Loving it so far! Will write more on that later.

But for now, this post has gotten WAaaaaaay too long and I'm going to sign off for now before it's much too late and I'm far too tired to get up in the morning.

Goodnight all. :)

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