Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Very Mild Tennessee Winter

On Sunday we took a drive up to the Mountains. Going first to the Aquarium (and I did NOT tote my camera around in there while also lugging around the baby, so sorry, no pics. ;) But I DID take it out when we got to the top of the Ski Resort mtn and had fun views AND some snow. You Northerners are Sooooo gonna laugh. I did too. But, hey, it's been a mild winter so far and the snow's a little scant. ;) (even the fake stuff. lol!) Check out the view of the day. That's why they call them the Smoky Mountains.... :)
The ski slope. Loved watching the amateurs trying to figure out the whole skiing thing. Not that I've been skiing a day in my life myself, (other than cross country) but still, it was so entertaining!

As you can see, Nathan thought so too. And he thought the snow was perfectly amaaaazing.

What the kids reeeeeaaally wanted to do was to ride the chair lift. I don't blame them! Looked like fun!

And Nathan was pretty much drooling over the tubing tracks. He wanted to go soooo super bad. We told him soon. When we don't have baby with us. ;) He was a good sport and settled for later.

Honestly, the tubing looked like a blast, but so did this indoor ice skating arena. It was huge! and the ice was soooo smooth. I just wanted to try it out again. It's been probably 20 years since I've been on ice. Well. Almost. Maybe only 18. Yikes. I'm feeling old! lol!
Anyway, it was fun to catch a glimse of winter and people doing wintery things, and perhaps we'll join them sometime. ;)

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