Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We do get SOME Snow! :)

And lest you think we get no snow here in Tennessee, here I am to prove you wrong. Though i can't even recall when this snow fall was.... I DO know that it was sometime this month! :)

Just a small skiff. Just enough to look pretty.
And just enough to make SOMEBODY verrrry happy. :)

He was so excited he could barely even eat his breakfast before he donned his hat and coat and boots and took his tractor to play in the snow.

(meanwhile, Hannah stood by the door crying because she just couldn't possibly be brave enough to play on the back porch without mom out there by her side.... poor thing.)

But later in the day we all went out and Rebecca absolutely loved it. She is so unaffected by the cold. She just had a blast out there!

She climbed in the sled to be dutifully pulled around in the sled. ;)

And Hannah carefully guided her all around. She's such a good big sister. takes such wonderful care of Rebecca and is a regular little mommy. (which isn't alllllways taken quite so graciously. :))

The snow lasted a day or so and that's about it. But we enjoyed it while we could. (that's meaning about 15-20 minutes out in it and then rushing back inside where the kid's all deamed hot chocolate completely necissary. lol!)

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  1. Cute! That's about EXACTLY the amount of snow we've gotten this year, too. We played our hearts out (for the requisite 15 minutes...) and now wish for more. Such a weird winter!

    I love your little girl's tongue sticking right out there in the freezing air! Adorable!