Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Before I Was a Mom....

Before I was a Mom, I had a lot of dreams.

Well, I still have dreams, they are just alot more realistic now!

Let's journey through a few of those dreams vs. realities now and see what has happened throughout the years! I used to dream of sitting at the piano, playing pretty songs for my passle of children while we all sang together. I dreamed of my children learning to play the piano too.

Reality: Every time I sit down to the piano, 3 little ones pile on top of me to see who can out bang the other. They bang and "play" and make beautiful music. They love the piano. Someday they will learn to play it appropriately. ;) For now, they are having a blast with it and you know what? It's ok. It's just a little loud. ;)
I used to dream of a perfectly clean home with calm, peaceful and inviting bedrooms. Everything picked up. Totally clutter free and organized.
Reality: My kids love to play. And when they play, "stuff" comes out of everywhere. Dress up is a big favorite. So out comes clothes from the dressers, mattresses come off of bed's for a grand slide, blocks come out for building villages and towers.... you name it! I am learning a lot.... and that is-it's Ok.I used to dream of sweet little cherubs always getting along and loving each other. Lots of hugs and love, ya know?
Reality: My kids love each other fiercely. If one or the other is getting hurt, they will defend each other with sticks and stones. (lol) But they also are quite rough with each other. Nathan loves to rustle and tustle and play rough and tough. They sometimes even "cat fight." I don't love it. But I do know that they love each other and I'm sure they'll outgrow some of that roughhousing in time. For now? We just focus on getting along and treating each other with respect. "treat each other with Love." It's a constant learning curve....

I used to dream of sewing all sorts of frillies and adorable things for my little girls to wear. And neat shorts and shirts and things for my boys.

Reality: I get to sew. Sometimes. I love to make things for my kids to wear. Especially my girls. But I think I'm going to make Nathan some pants and shorts for summer.... when I get a chance. ;) That's the thing. I don't have much spare time for sewing. That's reality.

I dreamed of babies playing happily...

Reality: there's some of both. ;) This was a happy moment. So very very sweet....

Here again, I dreamed of a lovely clean home.

Reality: My living room is, more often than not, transformed into forts, tunnels, veterinarian office, hospital, grocery store- you name it. Sky's the limit with kids! You know what I've learned? QUIT worrying about it allll dayyyyy long!!! Take 30 minutes towards the end of the day and CLEAN. FAST. It picks up. Meanwhile. quit stressing and let the poor kids play!

In all reality: Life is filled with precious moments. Some of them dreamed about previously, some of them never before dreamed of.

Life is filled with surprises. It's up to US how we CHOOSE to respond to those surprises. ;)

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  1. YES. You got it. I've learned these things along the way too. :) Love the pictures...especially the chairs all clumped up. That happens in our house too!