Friday, February 17, 2012

Feelin' the Energy

For the longest time I felt pretty well exhausted. I brushed it aside as simply being overwhelmed by three little children. I told myself that it was because I was up during the night with the kids, or because I had gotten to bed too late the night before, or because the kids were up at the crack of dawn, or because I never got any down time at all anymore....

Whatever the case was, no doubt about it, I was exhausted.

But then it began to go beyond just exhaustion.

I began to get dizzy and lightheaded spells often. I really felt like I could barely function. I felt faint and out of breath. I felt like I was going to pass out.

I felt awful!

I knew that I had to do something. Mike and I began doing a little research on my symptoms online and decided to experiment a bit with the treatments for Anemia (or Iron deficiency).

I began eating black strap molasses by the Tablespoon full. Straight up, baby. Ever try that before? Ugh. Not for the faint of....stomach. Ha! I got through it though and did that for several days. Everything I read said that if indeed you were iron deficient, you should begin to feel much better within several days. I did feel a bit better, but not like I should be. So while we were out one day, I picked up some iron tablets and began taking one a day. Within 2 days I was beginning to feel better. Within a week, my dizziness and lightheadedness had dissapated to hardly anything. I could get the laundry out of the washing machine and move it to the dryer without feeling like I was going to keel over and faint! It was truly amazing! My energy began to slowly seep back into my bones. I believe I have found a key for me!

A few more helpful keys that have helped me along have been the Woman Alive multi vitamin, they have a fairly good dosage of B vitamins in them and they help a LOT. If I take my multivitamin daily I DO notice a difference in my energy level.

I also take a daily D vitamin supplement as well as vitamin C.

Another key has been exercise. If I exercise as little as 3 days a week I can feel the difference in my energy level. It is significant! You would think that simply running after 3 little ones all day, not to mention housework, would keep me fit and flyin' high in the exercise department. But not so! If I actually do a work out, (currently doing the 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels) I feel much more energetic AND happier.

So there you go folks! Just a few things that I have found to have helped me.

(I will say though that if you suddenly think that this post resonates with you and perhaps you might be iron deficient as well, use caution. There are warnings about overloading your body with iron, and that can be harmful. For me, having 3 babies in a relatively short space of time, and then some very difficult "cycles" after the birth of my third child, plus given my symptoms and pale mouth gums, I knew that we could quite possibly be on to something. I felt like giving it a week's trial to see if I noticed any difference wasn't going to hurt anything, and if I felt better then I would know.)

So now, though I am still definitely tired at days end, and tired at times during the day, I am feeling world's better than I was and for that, I am thankful!


  1. YES!! I used to think that if I was a "good mom" I should be able to have super powers without any supplements. Silly me!! I NEED to supplement iron and calcium and B vitamins and vit D and C....etc. It's crucial. So glad you are finding help! I hated that listless and super helpless feeling when life demands so much and you just can't bring it. Good for you, girl. :)

  2. Ah, yes, blackstrap molasses. I have learned that they are not all the same. What I bought in Texas was barely edible. What I buy now tastes so good, my kids love it! So far, taking a tablespoon a day has brought my hematocrit up to normal range after it groped during my first two pregnancies. I haven't been to a prenatal checkup yet for this time around (my first one has been scheduled, though), so after the morning sickness went away, started taking it just as a preventative measure. I don't want tonwait until I get really anemic and actually need iron pills! That, and I found a really good GF molasses cookie recipe! Which helped us figure out that my son is sensitive to ginger. Well, next time I'll make them without ginger, or just make something else.