Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fleeting Moments

Just a moment ago she was a fresh, new little baby.... brand new in this world. She made me a Mama. Now here she is..... it's been a little over 5 years since we brought our little sunbeam home. She's added so much happiness and joy to our lives.
"Shall I twirl mommy?"

"Watch me twirl and whirl!"

And the sun catches her in it's eye as she twirls her sweet self around in the new spring grass.

She sparkles. Just like a sunbeam.

The happiness is contagious. And I find myself smiling. I feel myself remember, how these days, they fly past so quickly.

It's been over five year since she was born, and yet in some ways it seems almost like yesterday. How is it possible that time has passed so quickly?

We dream of the day when our children will be old enough to do this thing or that thing and "poof" that day is here and "bang" the door on their babyhood is closed.

This reality is really hitting me lately. Especially as my youngest is a 1 1/2 next week. Time is passing by and there's nothing I can do about it except for enjoy each and every moment of their lives.

So my thought for today is don't let your wishful thinking for supposedly "better times ahead" make you miss out on the here and now! It's happening, right before your very eyes- your baby's are growing up. These moments are fleeting. They are passing by, oh so very very swiftly. I don't want to miss them! Capture the moments in picture, capture them in video, but most importantly?

Capture them in your HEART.


  1. Why Sarah, could that really be GREEN GRASS? Seems its been ages since I've even seen grass, never mind green grass. Twenty-Four days ago we got twenty-four inches of snow here where I live. And that was the end of my wonderful month of short-sleeve spring days in Colorado. Since then not only has the snow stayed around it has every few days dumped MORE on us. Well, I'l be honest it is melting now, twenty some days later. And of course that leaves us with so much mud that it would be more practical to walk around in rubber boots. At least they know how to keep the roads out here. No snow days for the poor children in the school system. Even when there's twenty-four inches of fresh snow. I know for sure that this is not the place Ashney would want to be! :)

    Happy Spring in Tennessee!

  2. Is that Nana's Hannah? How sweet and precious you are to me! I love you like the warm sunshine!
    Great article my sweet lovin' daughter! Wow, the photography is great! I love you also! Yes, all stages are precious, even now, you to me and your family to me. It keeps propagating, the love, it keeps growing as you cherish and relish all the love given to you in life. When you give it, it never runs out.

  3. Wonderful pictures of sweet Hannah!! Looks like you are getting the hang of the camera. ;) it's hard to believe she is all grown up.