Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just a Phase.... right?

Where are the answers? The solutions?

In January, I like to start out the New Year by making goals and aspirations for the new year. And this year was no exception. I compiled all my lists of dreams for the year with high hopes that they would come to fruition. And yet, so much is still the same. Nope. I haven't exercised every other night all week. I haven't done much with the guitar yet (though I am beginning to), the laundry beast still threatens to overwhelm me, and the kitchen is an on-going nightmare of dishes. So much of what I've written as a goal is an on-going issue. (take character training for example. It's a day to day thing, it's not just a month long issue! We're talking life-long training here!) And the clutter bug, well, I've gotten rid of some more stuff. It's not like we have a ton of junk or anything, and I really try to monitor stuff so it doesn't accumulate and overwhelm us. But still, it always seems like we could have less and like it would be better. But what do I get rid of? That's the question.

So there's lots of goals. And then I get to the end of the day and fall into my bed, oh so tired and I feel like I've failed again at making any headway!

I want some things to change.

But I'm realizing that some things just aren't going to change a whole awful lot until my children get a bit older.

See, Hannah is such a big helper around the house these days. If she was my only child? We'd be getting a lot done! haha! But very thankfully, she's been joined by a brother and a sister, so we've added a bit of chaos to the day and, when mama goes to do something.... typically all three children are vying for my attention and getting into everything all at once. Like tonight, I wanted to move our VHS collection out of the living room and into a cabinet in my bedroom, because I don't like the kids always getting into the VHS and DVD's and spreading them all around the living room. In a flash I had three children surrounding me. One throwing the good's out at me, the other sitting in the basket that i was planning on putting the stuff in, and the other crawling into the cupboard that I'm trying to reach into! Talk about a good laugh! Yeah.... not a whole lot of extra's getting done these days.

I guess it's just a phase..... right?

Time to enjoy the ride and catch a breath when possible. ;)

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