Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Post

I felt a little bit of a thrill run through my spine as I clicked the "New Post" button. It's been a long time, friends!

Why? Why has it been so long since I've really blogged? Sure, I've posted some pictures here and there, but why have I not really written anything "meaty" lately?

I'll tell you why, plain and simple. I have felt inadequate and unworthy to be typing anything worthwhile for you to read. I have felt like anything I might have to say is of little consequence when my life seems to be such an upheaval of little munchkins, weary days and many failing moments. I have felt like all I really could do was to glean and learn from others. Because who would I be to write something encouraging, when by days end I feel so discouraged and empty and defeated?

But I changed my mind.

I DO have something to say. Something to share. I really, truly do. And so do you.

In fact, each one of us has something to share that can reach out to someone out there and touch their lives in a way that only you-unique you- can do.

I feel energized by this concept! I may have only one reader on my google followers list, but I am being a voice to that one person, and hopefully encouraging them, or empathizing with them, sharing my heart with them.

My change of heart has come about in part by an incredibly inspirational talk I heard by Ann Voskamp of I uploaded her talk that she gave at the Relevant blogging conference for 2011 and finally listened to it and I must say that I was so totally blessed by it. Her whole talk seemed to speak directly to me. She spoke about being the "thunder" echoing out the words that Christ would have us to share and that Christ is the rain that rains upon those people's hearts and waters the seeds that have been planted. She emphasized that each one of us has room here on the world wide web, we are each like a "little corner" and we can do our best with God's help to brighten that corner...

Oh, friends, there was so much more that spoke to my heart and made me realize that even though my life may seem so very chaotic, there is still room to share; to share as I grow.

And so, here I am again.

Probably not everyday, because, trust me... with three little ones running around? Life IS chaotic! I really don't always get time to get my thoughts out on here, and sometimes by the time I finally do get time, all I can do is stare blankly at the computer screen and wonder at the meaning of life and what on earth I was ever going to write about anyways. Haha!

But I do make this promise: I will write when it feels good and I will write when it doesn't.

I will be honest and real.

My blog may not be all fancy and filled with glorious pictures and picturesque words, it will most likely remain much as it is, simple and to the point. It's just what I have time and energy and knowledge for right now. And that's ok.

So for now, I'm going to sign off and get a little reading in before I am too exhausted to comprehend the words on the page. Ha!

Goodnight all....

Keeping it Real,


  1. And that's perfect with me. :) Thanks for sharing when it feels right, Sarah. xoxo {love Ann Voskamp so much, glad you were blessed by her}

  2. So glad to see you back to blogging! Now to get my writing back into gear and get back to it too!! :)