Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tree Climbers

Today was the perfect day for tree climbing and puddle splashing. My little folks did some of both. Well, mainly it was Rebecca splashing in the puddles and Hannah and Nathan climbing the trees.... *smile* The sky was Oh, So blue.
And the temps were in the low 60's. I can take that on a February 2nd. Oh yes I can! :)

Nathan was full of funny faces and expressions and was loving every minute of being up in a tree. We had to try out as many trees as we could in the yard. Haha!

As he's been outside more lately, some of his pent up winter energy is being expended and he is being a bit calmer once he's indoors. Hurray for that!

And here's my little Sunshine of a sweetie. Such a special girl. Love you, Hannah Rose! :)

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  1. Sweet sweet pictures. :) Especially the last one of Hannah. What a beauty.