Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Sultry South

We are in Florida for a little while.
Mike's doing some work down here and Nathan is tagging along just as much as he possibly can.
He is loving it! Mike changed the spark plugs on our Expedition, and Nathan was right there. Literally:Rebecca is enjoying herself completely. Well, minus the teething anyways. She is finding all sorts of new things to discover. Cousin Steven found an old Jeep by the side of the road for free. He and his daddy brought it over here and all it was lacking was a battery. So... being ingenuitive as he is, Mike rigged the Jeep up to a car battery and put a bucket of paint on the front so the thing wouldn't flip over and they were off. Haha! They love that thing! (well except for the time that Nate was pushing it and skidded down into the pavement and cracked his chin open. Again. argh!)Rebecca loves taking rides with Nathan. Or Hannah. Whomever she can bum rides off of. ;)
The happy family headed out for "north carolina." Least that's where they said they were going. Wonder if it will make it that far?The kids have played in the Kiddie pool (picture is on my phone at the moment...)
Rode their bikes up and down the driveway-no picture yet
Gone horse riding and 4-wheeler riding at aunt Katie's (pictures still in camera)
And baby has napped aplenty.
I've been jogging at the nearby park as often as I can as well as continuing my 30 day shred workout with Jillian Michaels.
And Nathan has been to Lowes and Home Depot a handful of times with Daddy and Grandpa.
Overall its been a nicer, slower pace which is a wonderful change from what it has been lately up home.
Next time I'll post pictures of the kids in the pear blossom trees before we left home. Yeah, I know.... a little out of order, but oh well. ;)
And after that I'll show the kids on the 4-wheeler or something. Or maybe we'll go to the beach? :)


  1. Have enjoyed your pics too…especially on FB! I AM older than you by the way… the 26th birthday is a joke, you would have had to read previous post to get it! I'm 36!!!! Smile smile…but don't tell anyone…least of all, my mother. She thinks I'm 26!!! ;-))))

  2. LOL I love the first picture. What a little man!!