Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vegan Black Bean and Corn Quesadillas

So this morning I began rummaging through blog posts and recipes hither and yon on the world wide web... searching for some yummy things to fill our tummy's. I saw the idea.... Quesadillas. YUM. But how do I make them without that delicious and stringy shredded cheese? :)
Oh YES! Melty Cheese! I tried it.... and it worked. Beautifully.

I coated my cast iron skillet with Coconut Oil. Got it nice and sizzlin' hot.

Then I sprinkled (rinsed) black beans and corn (with a few left over navy beans thrown in as well) onto the bottom layer tortilla, then drizzled the melty cheese all over it and pressed the top layer on.

I let it brown to a beautiful golden and then flipped it and let it do the same on the other side.

This little sweetheart was very satisfied with dinner tonight. :)

I topped mine with soy sour cream ( I made it with a block of mori nu tofu, lemon juice (about 4 tbs or so, salt and garlic powder (about a tsp of each) and then blended), salsa, a bit of melty cheese and salad greens.
It was honestly so sooo good. :) Everyone ate it and everyone liked it. YAY! :-)

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  1. YaY!!!
    Love the top pics of Hannah and love the pic of Becka Boo! I love you! Looks yummy!