Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baking Fun!

I had such a busy but fun day!
Basically I cleaned most of the day. It's unreal how the house sort of disintegrates into one giant mess overnight, isn't it?
Mike helped me out with the dishes and mopping the kitchen which helped immensely but still-there was so much to do!
Laundry, cleaning bathrooms, clearing away clutter lots of kitchen cleaning, vacuuming and on and on the list seemed to go!
But then I took a little break and did a bit of reading-oh so relaxing- and got some fun ideas for some serious baking. :)
 So I made a giant recipe of light and fluffy dinner rolls-which there were so many of them that I ended up making a pan full of cinnamon rolls as well!
 These rolls are just soooo light and fluffy and GOOD.
 A candle adds a fragrant smell throughout the house- Wild Raspberry Cheesecake-yum
 This little boy looks to snitch a bite of pie.... ;)
 Vanilla Crumb pie. I made 2 of them. They were AMAZING. And so easy to make.
 Dinner rolls ready to go into the oven
Cinnamon rolls ready to be baked

It was a busy day. The laundry is still laying on my bedroom floor waiting for me to fold it. But honestly it has been such a busy day and I am so ready to just lay in my bed and be done for the day that I decided to let it go til tomorrow. And it had better get done tomorrow, that's all I can say. haha!
Meanwhile, I had a fun time creating in the kitchen and whipping my house into shape.

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  1. That pie looks so yummy! And it even sounded good when you were telling me about it on the phone!