Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY Rose Water

Rose Water... It's something I've often heard of, but had never used... Until today. :)
 Simply pluck the petals off of some roses in your garden... perhaps using some of the ones that are just about to fall off.
 You will want a packed cup full of rose petals
 Stuff them into a jar and pour 2 cups of boiling water over the top. I chose to use Distilled water.
You let it sit and steep until the water has cooled and then drain off the liquid into a clean glass jar, put a lid on it and it will store in your refrigerator for quite a while.
Splash the lovely colored rose water onto your face. It is an excellent facial toner!
All from a beautiful rose. :)

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  1. Oh my word! That's all? I always wondered what Rose Water was! Now I know. So cool! Now, if it would just stop snowing, maybe I can get some roses around here. I gotta try this!