Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When The Day Drags Long

When the day drags long and there seems no end in sight...
 We go outdoors to catch a breath of fresh air and to hopefully renew our senses.
We carry birdseed to the feeder to feed our furry friends...
 And sneak little hands into the "forbidden" birdbath. Ah yes, the tiny hands that just can't stay clear of water...
 We run with a puppy named Max and enjoy the pure bliss of being young and unburdened by lifes cares
 Stopping to pose sweetly and innocently for a picture. She is such a sweet little girl
 We stop to check in on seedlings. To see whether or not they have ventured out of their cozy shells into the cold air of a sudden weather change. Cucumbers and Tomatoes have said hello to their new world.
 Nathan pushes his little sister in her swing and she squeals and chortles and smiles in pure joy
 Strawberry blossoms have appeared and on some there are signs of teensy tiny green berries
 My assorted lettuce has sprouted in it's rain gutter turned garden and I can just imagine the taste of fresh salad greens. :)
 All this stunning beauty. It looks warm and inviting, doesn't it? Sunny skies, puffy clouds, soft green grass? Looks are sooo deceiving! It was honestly so frigid feeling outside with the wind whipping at our coats. With temperatures soaring into the 80's for a month now, this sudden drop of temperature is quite unwelcome! I am looking forward to warmer temps again soon!
But the cold doesn't bother these little ones. They just bundle up in their warmest of clothes and drag me out into the chilly winds to play. They don't mind at all.
And so... that is sometimes what we do... when the day drags on seemingly forever.... and when bedtime seems a long ways off.  We go outside. Despite the cold. Despite the wind. And we make some memories and (take pictures) :)

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  1. So weird -- it was cold here the whole time you had warm weather, now we've switched! Hope you get your spring weather back soon. Love seeing the little seedlings and precious kiddos. :)