Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Planting Time of Year

Seems like most of what we've been doing lately is planting things.
I guess it's that time of year.
And this year, we wanted to plant a bit more around the house.
It feels good... this sinking our roots into the soil.

 We worked at landscaping in front of our walkway, and mulching. It will be nice when all the bushes and shrubbery are nice and big and full.
 I planted wildflowers and Zinnia seeds here in this old barrel and behind it I planted sunflower seeds of all different heights and sizes.
 Here's our strawberry bed. And above it is our rain gutter lettuce and herbs.
 And...introducing... 4 new raised beds! I am so excited about these! My garden is now right in my backyard! I don't need to go way out by the barns to do my weeding anymore. It's all right here. So now, when baby is napping, or the kids are playing on the nearby swingset and sandbox I can do my gardening! Just since I took these pictures at the end of the week, I already have greenbeans up a good several inches as well as okra and brokali and several other items as well. Looking forward to transplanting the cucumbers and melons soon.
 Lettuce, nice and green. Growing in the rain gutter that we screwed onto the porch.
 Pepper plants
 Tomato Plants
Ornamental Cherry trees. Mike got them at an auction for a good deal and we planted them all around the property.
I didn't take pictures of the boxwood's we planted in front of our house on the other side...
Or the hanging flower pots on the front porch and back porch. Will have to do that next time.
But I thought it might be nice to share some of what we've been busy with around our property this spring. :) It's nice to be able to plant and grow and see the fruits of your labor.
What have you been planting this spring?


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