Wednesday, May 16, 2012

(RealLifeHumor) The Change a Week Can Make

It's amazing the change a week can make.
One week, I'm Miss Clean-it and my house is all immaculate and sparkling from this sudden burst of Fly Lady or something. But I'm scrubbing bathroom commodes as if my life depended on it and I'm polishing down kitchen cabinets and mopping that kitchen floor for all I'm worth. And everything has been reorganized (well, maybe not everything, but I try!) and I can't handle a thing getting out of place. At the end of the week, I feel on top of the world. I have this house under control! I am the Queen of clean! I feel amazing and I know next week with be wonderful.
The very next week I'm on a baking spree. Yep. Miss Cook-it, or Miss Bake-it. I've read something or other and it's created some insatiable appetite for some delectable goodies. Food in the freezer, whatever... and I'm on to it. I cook and bake and make all sorts of amazing delights. There's cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls and bread in the freezer, cookies made, casseroles whipped up, cookbooks searched diligently for just the right recipe to make next. Oh it feels so good! Hubby is delighted, but then tells me by the end of the week that he "feels fat." I think I made too many yummies. Ha!
And then the next week I'm slumped out in the backyard. I feel exhausted. I feel like a whip ped pup. All I want to do is veg while the kids play and do nothing all. day. long. (totally impossible, but totally how I feel!) I complain to my husband about "how TIRED I am!" and how I feel like I could sleep all day! I don't feel like getting out of bed in the morning and I just sort of draaaag through the week. Along about Thursday or maybe even Friday I realize that the weekend is just around the corner, my house is a disaster, I haven't done anything worthwhile all week and.... oh... blah! What to do? I'd better get me some energy going! So I start slowly, methodically washing the stack of dishes and halfway through the pile, I realize I am starting to get some energy back. I hurry through the rest of the house, room by room and surprisingly, by the end of the day, things don't look so bad. Although I wonder wearily how on earth I am going to keep it clean tomorrow....
On to the next week. I have a gardening streak. I must plants flowers, weed gardens, water and fertilize. I work outside and everything looks just as good as I can get it on my own. I crave the outside and I'm out in the sun as much as possible. We do school outside. We eat lunch outside. We play in the pool outback (well, the kids play, I sit and suntan/referee... ha!) And intermittently I sprint through my household chores and try to keep everything ship shape, food on the table and everyone happy. At week's end it's been a good week. I've worked hard and I am satisfied.
And let's not even go into the week's where I'm so lonely I could cry and the very next week where I decide that's just got to change and I schedule meet-ups with other moms and then I'm so happy I'm chirping around the house as happy as a lark. Or the week's where I feel like an absolute failure as a mom, but a week later I feel like I'm so "on top of things." Or how about that week when you finally feel like you've got that home routine down pat and everything is flowing and ebbing evenly through the day, kids are getting along, schoolwork, housework, cooking, everything is all being accomplished in the SAME week (can I hear an Amen?) and then the next week.... what happens? The kids get sick, and everything just sort of turns upside down and it takes 2 weeks to get it back to somewhat of where it was before?
Oh dear! Isn't it something.... The Change a Week Can Make? :)

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