Monday, May 28, 2012


After yesterday's dismal post I felt like I needed an "aftermath" post. You know, sort of clear the air here on the blog front. ;)
I have resurfaced and feel much better. Sometimes all you need is a little airing out to feel better. And a good nights sleep never hurt anybody. (though i think sometimes that I could sleep for a week straight just to feel a bit caught up from the deficits I have recieved over the past 5 1/2 years of young motherhood. ;)
So I finished cleaning Nathan's room AND closet. Wow. I feel so good! And he does too. As he snuggled under his covers last night he says to me "Mommy, Isn't it nice to have a clean room? Dont you wish all of our rooms looked like this?" (I didn't think the other rooms looked all that bad! haha!) I thought it was pretty cute. He walked into his clean closet (previously you couldn't even open the door, due to all of the stuff that they had been pulling off the shelves in there) and he says "oh, Mommy! My closet is so nice and clean! I like it!" Wow! The kid really DOES appreciate cleanliness! Hehehe!
So basically I rearranged his whole bookshelf. I took off the books that weren't relevant to him and put them on another bookshelf in the house and then I moved up the kiddie books to a couple higher shelves and used the 3 lower shelves to house containers with toys in them. (a quick run up to Dollar General and I was good to go) So we organized the HUGE rubbermaid of toys into three shelves worth of smaller ones. Separating blocks into one, "tools" into another, Mr. potato head in another small one, learning toys in one, etc... the result is that it is much easier for Nathan to put his toys away now because now he knows where they go. I think here in a moment I will find some clip art and print some off and laminate them and then tape them to the boxes. Just so he can know for sure what goes in which box. I think this will make a nice change for him when I ask him to clean his room.
I also put two adorable picture of him in two little frames and sat them on his dresser.
Mainly it was just reorganizing in there, but it sure feels good to be finished. I was in that room and closet for the better part of the day! By time it was evening and bedtime I was completely exhausted.
Today is another scorcher outside... I did a little watering of plants out there, etc but not much. It's just too hot! I got my kitchen floor mopped and the dishes under control and honestly, the house feels pretty nice to me! I have a quiet moment right now (the kids and hubby are bringing back Grandma's chickens to her. We we taking care of them while they were in Florida for the winter.) and I am going to take advantage of it and get a few things printed and planned and get some of the ideas that have been floating around in my mind out and into something tangible!

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