Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sewing Projects

I've done some sewing lately. Really enjoyed some of the things that I did! I didn't take pictures of all of the things I did, but here are 3 of the latest projects.
 I made this little sundress for Rebecca. It was one of  my 1st times sewing a zipper in and i think it turned out quite well. However, the dress is quite large on my little one. Plenty of room to grow I guess. :) The length is perfect. I think it's more the arm holes. But a little white sweater took care of that trouble. She looked just darling in it on Mother's Day Sabbath.
 I made 2 aprons for Project Care. These Aprons are going to Haiti! I am so excited to do what little I can to make a small difference in the lives of 2 women.
 Here's the 2 aprons and Rebecca's dress. :)
The ruffles on Rebecca's dress. :)
I also remade 2 of my skirts into ones for Hannah to wear and sewed the kids each a pair of pj pants.
It's fun to sew.
Last week, my mom gave me some other fabric scraps and so it will be fun to see what they turn into sometime soon. :)

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