Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wedding Anniversary's Celebrated (The Homestyle Way)

Tuesday. May 22nd. 2012. My 7th Wedding Anniversary.
I had been anticipating this day for a little while now. Mentally planning how I could make it special.
It's the small things that count. It's the little bits of extra effort that make's something memorable.
 I donned my Wedding dress that  my mother made for me. (and yes! it still fits...3 children and 7 yrs. later. yay!)
 My Daughter, Hannah, was completely into the whole occasion. Asking repeatedly throughout the day, when it would be time to dress up and set the table, etc...
I pulled out memorabilia from around the house. The basket and the rose petals that my flower girl, Tabitha carried in my wedding, a picture of the two of us on our wedding day...
My wedding bouquet on the table
 table runners and placemats that were gifted me by a very dear "grandma" at my wedding shower...
and the special figurines that Mike and I gave to each other during our engagement period.
Just little touches,  all from around the house. Costing me nothing but a little effort and creativity.
 On to the food! I knew I wasn't going to have much time to invest in the kitchen on a weekday, so on Monday evening when I had gone to the grocery store for our regular shopping, I also picked up some frozen Cream Puffs.... Hannah laid them out on the platter for me and they looked sooo plain. So I melted some dark chocolate and drizzeled it on top. I thought it dressed them up quite nicely.
 I chopped up a fresh pineapple. And tossed together a Caesar Salad Kit (which Mike happens to love). And then I made a Meatless Meat Pie. (using tvp granules instead of beef). It's a very simple and easy recipe and uses original crescent rolls for the crust and top, so I was able to whip it all together in a matter of minutes and place it in the oven to bake a half hour. The meal was very simple to put together, yet elegant all in the same sense. Oh. I also sliced an artisan garlic bread and made a little olive oil herb dipping sauce for its well.
 The funnest part came when I gathered my three precious children around me and we took some pictures to seal the moment. Beautiful Hannah, 5 1/2 years old, Nathan, almost 4 yrs. old and Rebecca 20 months. My arms are filled with blessings. A wonderful Husband with which to share my life.
Hannah and Nathan showered us with handmade cards they had made for us and were quite thrilled with the romantic wedding music we played while we ate. They loved the whole dressy feel of the evening and the fact that we had juice in a goblet for supper. ;) They took everything very seriously.
I love how Nathan has Hannah on his arm here in this picture. He loves his sister dearly (even if he is a bit rough with her at times... he sure protects her fiercely if the need arises!)

So that's how we had our 7th wedding anniversary. Filled with love and memories. Filled with children and the joy that they bring to our lives. Simple but elegant and definitely on the cheap and easy on the budget. :)
And by the way.... Mike was thrilled by everything... He had the biggest smile on his face when he stepped out of his truck and saw me standing there in my wedding dress. I thought it was so cute. :)

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  1. How sweet! I can't imagine putting on my wedding dress are a brave woman. :) And I have to say, good job keeping those figurines in tact. We have one, but the woman is missing her head. Not a metaphor for my life, I'm sure.