Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Birthday at the Beach

Nathan turned 4 while we were on the beach (June 9).
His "Auntie" Heather gifted him with a remote control truck-just what he wanted! He was sooo thrilled. All day we had to watch our step for chance that truck might be careening our way. Haha!

 We took a nice walk that morning, and then came home and made/decorated the food!
 I made these sweet little vegan cupcakes-the decorating Idea which I found on Pinterest. Blue frosting, partially dipped in graham cracker crumbs and a toothpick umbrella stuck in the "sand." pretty cute if I do say so myself!
 Mike took it upon himself to carve the watermelon....Into a SHARK. He did a great job! (thanks to Heather's Pampered Cheff knives!)
 We decorated the table with shells and confetti and I thought it was a nice, simple affect.
 The finished product! Gotta luv a good ole shark, right? So cool!
Kristin's Grilled Vegetable Sammies on sourdough-wow these sandwhiches were amazing.
 Heather's delightful Pasta Salad
(and corn on the cob)
And Nathan taking that big big first bite out of his Birthday cupcake.
And a whole afternoon on the beach in the sand.
Such a wonderful way to turn 4.

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  1. Great pictures!! It was definitely a very awesome birthday party! :)