Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Arriving home from vacation I was greeted by a ton of weeds. I spent hours the first few days home, ridding the flower beds and vegetable beds of weeds.
Things had really taken off in the garden while I was gone!
 Beautiful gladiola's in full bloom.
I had to bring some inside one their stem's had been laden down to the ground-they look so pretty in a Mason jar sitting on my table.

 Zinnia's blooming-the one's that I had planted from seed this spring!
 Strawberries are really coming on. We are picking large handfuls now each day! it's fun for the kids to go out and browse through the leaves for plump bits of red.
 The Pak Choy really took off and I recently harvested all of it. Wow it was so crisp and tasty! I fixed it in a stirfry.
 Bell peppers all growing wonderfully.
 Tomato plants all flourishing beautifully.
 Another garden bed...
 My herb garden is the newest addition-as in today! Hubby brought me home some herb plants from Lowe's today. I was so happy!! The kid's helped me plant them. Looking forward to using them in my cooking. :)
The Garden! Strawberry bed, tomato bed, green beans, pak choy, brokoli rabe, peppers, brussel sprouts, swiss chard, and in the empty garden bed we planted zucchini, yellow squash and watermelons! They are all coming up now and growing quickly.
So... how does YOUR garden grow? :)

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