Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ocean Crafting

While on vacation a couple of weeks ago the kids did some art. Some fun, messy art. You know... the type that you typically may not always drag out because it's too much of a bother? Well before vacation I scoured Pinterest for ideas of fairly easy things for the kids to do while we were gone and I totally succeeded!
 Hannah had such a fun time. Totally in her element.

 Starfish with glitter and glitter glue mouths and googly eyes.
 Just a lot of fun, messy stuff.  But it was alot of fun for them. Once we got home we made Jelly Fish using a half of a paper plate, googly eyes and streamers for the "swimmers" Pretty cute really. Just didn't get a picture! We also put all the pictures into sheet protectors and into a binder.
And... why didn't I put that picture of those wreaths that Heather and I made?? We hot glued shells on and made a neat bow on them. They really turned out cute!

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