Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vacation On The Outer Banks

A couple of weeks ago we took off on a much needed vacation to the eastern border of North Carolina. Most specifically a little town called Duck situated on the Outer Banks of N.C.
We spent the week with my "sis" Heather and her hubby David (and their soon to be born baby-yay!) and friends of Heather and David's, Kristin and Ross and their little boy. We had such a wonderful week!!
This picture was taken the first night we were there. Nathan and Hannah were so excited to be at the beach!
Here is the sunrise on our first morning there. Need I inform you that this took place at roughly 5:15 a.m. every morning? Needless to say, there was no sleeping in for me. Seeing as how my children were also awake "at the crack of dawn" each morning as well. Truly breathtaking beauty. Truly lack of sleep. ;)
Rebecca is my water girl. She loved every moment of the ocean. It didn't matter that her lips were purple and her skin was blue and covered in goose bumps-she wanted to get in for the next big wave coming her way. (sorta like her mama I guess. I enjoyed jumping a few waves as well.)
Heather and I. We were laughing because I was trying to figure out why the silly camera wouldn't take a picture-the camera was off. ;) 
Here's the Currituck Lighthouse that we climbed one of the days. We made it to the top once again and the view was amazing....as well as the wind!
The kids spent several afternoons crafting-while the baby was sleeping....more on that to come!
We took an off road Jeep tour. Well, maybe that should be more acurately said that... we took the "beach road" and 4 wheeled it out there into the communities of the beach people. haha! We were only a couple of miles from the Virginia state line, believe it or not!
We saw wild horses by the herds. A lot more than we saw last time. They were so pretty! And there were some babies out there as well!
We climbed the sand dunes-those tall vastly mountains of sand... Got a few fun family photos along the way. :)
One fun deal at the sand dunes were all these "ponds" of water along the way. They were filled with tad poles! The kids had a blast splashing and Nathan was very intent upon catching them. He succeeded. (a few had a watery burial however... poor poor tadpole)
We took a lovely (and very hot) Sabbath walk through the woods of N.C. and saw many wild blueberry bushes along the way. (we are very glad we didn't see any of the Copperhead snakes that were supposed to be in the area, however!)
We also celebrated Nathan's 4th birthday on our last day there. But I'll share those pictures in a forthcoming post...
And on our way off the island-this spectacular sighting- bunches of kites flying through the sky... so much fun!! As a side mention-we got a kite and the kids had a blast flying it with Mike!
We also stopped at the Aquarium on our way out as well and loved it! I did not get any pictures there, however. Bummer!
The week flew by way too quickly and this is just a smattering of pictures, I couldn't possibly share them all on here, but many of you have probably already seen the rest of the shots on FB anyways.
Nathan's birthday pics, crafting and what's happening around home post's to come very soon. :)

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