Friday, July 13, 2012

Crazy Busy Life

It's been crazy busy here. This week it slowed down just a touch for me. I purposely HAD to make that happen though. I was just too exhausted to hit the gas peddle any longer. I had to hit the breaks. I crashed on Monday. I could feel it coming. My tensions and anxiety was growing and festering inside of me and I could feel my inners beginning to get to boiling point. Monday night I boiled over. It really wasn't all that pretty. Honest. I ended up having to shut the door on myself and a load of unfolded laundry and just cry it out. You've heard of people doing that with their babies, right? Well, that's what I had to do too. It actually works. I felt a lot better afterwards and I was able to go back in and continue with the bedtime routine with my dear hubby's help of course. ;) He asked me later if I had had a good cry. I glared at him. Ha! Honestly, if I've just had a good cry, I don't want to be asked about it. I just want a good old fashioned hug and a smooch! I want to feel loved. Totally.
So at that point I knew that I wasn't going to VBS for the rest of the week. (VBS which was close to an hour away. Meaning that I would be corraling three kid's towards the car at 8 a.m. and then hauling them home super tired and hot and hungry, arriving home at 1 p.m.) I knew it was best to just stay put. Try and get beyond the clutter. Try and reconnect with my love starved children. Because they always seem to be love starved. This morning Hannah climbed up on my bed and says to me "Mommy, I am climbing into my cuddle spot because I need to be loved. I need you to cuddle me. My love cup is empty." Awww!! So I cuddled for a while and I asked her how she was doing? Was she feeling loved yet? She replied that she was getting there, but she was still pretty empty. Cute! A bit later she hopped down and said, "My love cup is all filled Mommy!" So sweet! Even a child knows what they need to do to feel loved... I failed to mention however at the start of this snuggly love cup filling time I had 3 little monkeys all diving for a piece of me. They ALL needed love. And they always do.
Yesterday they dragged some old desks they had found in the barn (hubby is cleaning out garage, barn, shed, et all in prep for a garage sale soon) into their bedrooms and commensed to playing school. I peeked in on them. So cute! They had their books out and they were reading and singing. So I pulled over a big chair and sat down in front of them and pretended I was the teacher. The biggest smile stretched across Hannah's face- "Mommy is playing with us!" Something so simple and yet often times I feel I am too busy to take the time. How sad! These moments are passing me by!
We took away Rebecca's pacifier on Wednesday. She went to sleep that night without it. Woke once in the middle of the night and wailed uncontrollably. We gave it to her for the remainder of the night. Took it away first thing Thursday morning and she hasn't had it since. She has had a bit of a hard time falling asleep at night, But then, she usually does at night time. She has done remarkably well! I've been really really surprised! I guess it was the right moment? The whole ordeal of how we came to take on Wednesday is really quite comical, looking back on it. *smile* Perhaps I should do a separate posting on that topic? :)
Nathan has been real busy "working." Lots to do with Daddy and Grandpa. He makes sure he has his "work pants" on each day and his tools all set to go in his tool box.
They really keep me busy. Plus we had a remodeling project going on in the house. We now have a newly remodeled school room! AND we have school books all ready and waiting to begin 1st Grade AND Preschool in just a few short weeks (where did summer vacation go to anyways?!)
On top of all of that I have been asked to teach the Kindergarten/Primary class at my church and so I haev been so busy in any spare moment trying to come up with a good program for the children I will be teaching!
Besides all of that I have been having fun moments in the kitchen creating new recipes and enjoying the new culinary tastes!
And the garden... pulling weeds. Despite the serious drought we just are coming out of those pesterous weeds continued to grow and grow and grow. I'll do a post on the garden next. Love it!!
Next up? Canning. Decorating the Sabbath School Room. Finishing up the school room (like finding a table for us to do our studies on and a loveseat to sit on and read), And a  garage sale! Yikes!!

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