Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Doledrums to Laughter

It was a down kinda day. For some reason I was just feeling low. Perhaps the summer heat and humidity? Perhaps just the need for a break... Whatever the reason, I was feeling low. However, I knew I couldn't stay that way. I have three little ones depending on me! I can't just sulk in my bed all day! So after a wee bit of a cry I pulled myself together and gathered the children up, told them to don their swim suits and head outside because Mama was gonna set up the water Sprinkler. Wow you should have seen those little feet scurry! They were so enthused!
There they go!!

 I sat there on the front porch watching my three little blessings run into the coolness of the sprinkler's water and I couldn't help but smile. Their JOY was contagious.

 Their smiles INFECTIOUS. :)
 In no time flat I was laughing hysterically at their antics and busting up over their expressions and reveling in their happiness.
 I pulled out a big juicy watermelon and split it open. I loved watching the juice run down their chins (knowing full well we were outside and that juice was not adding to the grime of my tiled kitchen floor. )
 His facial expressions had me in STITCHES! Can you say CLOWN??
 They stood there in front of me dancing and swaying with their thick slices of watermelon grasped between little fingers. Making the silliest of faces they could muster. And I laughed. And laughed. And laughed.
Even the littlest one. Watermelon juice dripping down her arms, tooth teeth popping out, trying her best to mimic the antics of her brother and sister. Oh she makes me LAUGH!
A storm rolled in. We collected our things and made our way back indoors.
Nothing had changed inside the house. My dishes still needed washing, the floor still needs mopping, the laundry still needs to be put away, the kid's rooms are still a mess. But somehow, Joy is restored. Because truly, there IS Joy in the Journey. And there's a LOT to learn along the way.
Are you looking for the JOY in today? It's there. Somewhere. It's up to YOU to find it.
Blessings my Friends!

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  1. You are becoming quite the photographer there!! Love the pictures, great shots and angles!! Love it! :)