Friday, July 13, 2012

It Keeps on Growing!

I honestly have had so much fun with my garden this year. We built little boxes in the back yard. Four of them to be exact. Doing this has enabled me to really keep up on the weeding and care and upkeep throughout this summer! It has been wonderful! Plus, I can watch every little development each day. And Get some pretty neat pictures as well. :)
Check out these beautiful Okra Flowers. I have tiny Okra coming on as well. :)

Baby Yellow squash. Zucchini plants are right next door and doing well too!

BIG red bell pepper. Wish I would have washed it before taking a picture! haha!

BEAUTIFUL Squash flowers. Aren't they huge?! And gorgeous?! These plants are SUPER healthy. I've never had such incredible vines as these. The leaves are gigantic!

How is your garden doing this summer?

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