Thursday, July 26, 2012

On Raising Boys

He's a boy. 
His room is often a disaster and he doesn't seem to care. (though he is always very appreciative when it IS clean. ;) in this picture we were just commensin' the cleanin')
 He wants to be manly. If that requires wearing a cowboy hat and boots, then so be it.
 He likes to be photogenic and pose just a bit. Everybody has their limits. ;)
 His sister does the posing (go lay down in the grass over there, Nate. hold this flower, ok?) And he willingly obliges.
 He is full of life and love. He desires hugs and touch. He love's praise.
 He likes to conquer "daring" feats and go on "adventures"
He is all boy.
But not being a boy myself, sometime's it is hard to understand how they think. And it sometime's is hard to know just how to handle a situation, hard to know just how to mold and shape them.
Is it ok to let our boys wrestle?
Is it ok to let them compete? (is there a right and a wrong way?)
How do we encourage their (future) leadership?
What are some of the most effective ways of correction?
How do we encourage their hearts towards the Lord?
All these Questions and more are being answered for me in the book "Raising Real Men" by Hal and Melanie Young.
I found my copy directly from them at:
There are so many resources out there for raising up girls-not to mention that as a mother we aready have a bit of that natural instinct anyways. But when you find a really truly amazing and Biblical book, chuck full of advise on BOYS? I say snatch it up and tell about it!
Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. My book is full of dog ears and I'm not even finished reading yet.

the views in this posting are completely my own, i was not paid or given a free copy of this book, just felt like sharing. ;)

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