Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quiet at 2:18 p.m.

It's 2:18 p.m.  I've worked in the garden, harvesting produce, planting fall crops, watering the parched soil, pulling out the weeds. I've grated 44 cups of Zucchini and put them in 2 cup servings into Ziplocks and placed them in the freezer. I've made a grocery store run because I didn't have any Ziplocks left (and I thought I did!). I've made another gallon of refrigerator pickles (because they are THAT good. check out my Pinterest page!) I've cleaned the kitchen, wiped up spills, made 2 meals so far, refereed several sibling squabbles, showered and texted and on and on my list goes. But right now, it's quiet. The baby has been in her crib, peacefully sleeping for over an hour now and the older children are playing quietly on their respective couch or chair in the living room.
I am enjoying hearing Nathan's quiet murmuring as he plays with his toy fire trucks, hauling them on his tow truck to some unknown destination. He is all about Hauling these days. We have to tie Bobcat loaders onto John Deere Tractor trailers and all sorts of things. Everything has to be hauled some place. He has a surgical respiratory mask on his face right now. Not sure where that figures into the equations....
Hannah has her baby doll and her little Doctor toys. Or is that a Doctor toy? She's pulling her baby up with one of those canning jar grippers! And she's cleaning her teeth with some little dentist tool...
It's been a while since we've had this quiet moment mid day. But I totally appreciate it.
It's a chance for me to regain some perspective on the day. A chance to hear myself think in a busy day where even getting to the bathroom by myself is a total and complete luxury.
Best of all, it's a moment for me to compose my thoughts in written form and think about the ideal thought of a quiet nap. Hmm.... maybe I ought to catch a few seconds before the noise begins again?

P.s. it's now 2:28 p.m. haha!

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