Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1st Day of School 2012-2013

And so it begins. The homeschool year of 2012-2013. We began today, August 8th. 1st grade for Hannah, Preschool for Nathan. WOW. I have a 1st grader in my home!
Here's our school cabinet, all ready for a great school year!

 And here is Hannah's basket of school goodies. We are using My Father's World curriculum for 1st grade this year.
 Some of the books we will be using. Sorry the picture is upside down. I turned it about 5 times but it insisted on being upside down. It's got a mind of it's own I guess...
And some more of our curricula for 1st grade....
 More exciting books to learn from
 The above and below pictures are of Nathan's Preschool package. There are alot of fun learning activities in this pack and I love the Preschool activity cards that go along with it. They have tons of ideas of things to do with these manipulatives each day.
Rebecca has a little box all her own as well. It's just filled with little puzzles and lacing cards, pegs and things like that. In fact, it is the My Father's World toddler pack that I had gotten for Hannah several years ago! :)
We are so excited about this year! (with a bit of nervousness and apprehension mixed in as well!)
What are you plans for the upcoming year?

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