Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bee's, Flowers and Pollination

If you are looking to study a bit about Bee's, Flowers and Pollination...
These books were a fabulous resource for us. I found them at the local library! Hannah really enjoyed browsing the "State Flowers" book by Anne Ophelia Dowden. She took some time to also try her hand at drawing several of the state flowers as well! (see video below) Such a fun opportunity!
"From Seed to Plant" by Gail Gibbons was a wonderful book full of beautiful illustrations that made the whole process of germination, pollination and growth easy to understand. And "What if their Were No Bees" was an eye opening account of the whole reason that bees are here and what would happen if we didn't have them any more!
After we read about the flowers, the bees and pollination, we took some time to draw some of these beautiful flowers. And then we took some flower petals, such as roses and put them in a small sandwhich baggie with just a bit of water and starting mushing and mashing them. The end result was a beautiful dye! We squeezed the dye out onto a milk filter and watched it change color! (did you know that rose petals make a lovely lavendar color?) So much fun with flowers!
Studying about things in nature is so much fun and so eye opening as to the intricate design of our amazing Creator!
 We often like to find little object lessons in nature that help point us back to our Creator. Perhaps a character building lesson. Today we thought of a great analogy, comparing our attitudes with bee's and pollination. Take a peak and listen to our little object lesson. (and sorry for all the noise, but that's just what life is like in a house with three little kids. noisy.) ;)
Until next time, go outside! Discover the beautiful things that God made, just for YOU. :) (and remember... have a GOOD attitude, because, just like the bees spread the pollen, you spread your attitudes to those alllll around you.)

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  1. Thanks for these book recommendations, Sarah!! What a fun topic and great applications. :)