Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Such a busy harvesting year this has been for me! Processings all the garden goodies, preserving them for the months ahead. I only take on what I can do. (*wink*) and I am always very thankful for whatever I DO get done. Each jar, each bag is a gift for which to be thankful. I have three very young children afterall! So don't laugh and some of my meager gains! ;)
12 pints of Greenbeans. I recruited my troops and we sat out on the front porch snapping beans for quite some time! I have more for them to do maybe today? or tomorrow? LOTS of greenbeans out there!

 Apple butter in the processing stage. It's now smooth and velvety dark brown, sitting in jars, waiting to go into the freezer. :)
 Those apples for the apple butter? Well, they came off of our trees! hurray!
I've done lots of Pickles. 7 quarts of canned, 2 gallons of refrigerator and today will be doing some freezer pickles. I have a refrigerator drawer still full yet of pickling cukes.
And where is the picture of my lovely 20 quarts of peaches?! I thought I had taken a picture of them!
And those 44 c. worth of shredded Zucchini now waiting patiently in the freezer for cozy winter days to be baked into goodies for the family?
What about 20 jars of Peach Jam, just processed yesterday?
And 2 quarts of grapes the kids put into bags and into the freezer?
Or the BIG bowl of fresh salsa in the fridge that we are enjoying? (can anyone say "chop, chop, double chop?! that's alot of chopping!)
Now I've got an abundance of red chili peppers and yellow grape tomatoes and okra too.
I've made Yellow squash Latke's, Yellow squash muffins, fried yellow squash.... yellow squash anyone? ;)
What have you been harvesting?

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