Friday, August 17, 2012

Laundry Room Makeover

Just off the school room area (all in the same room) is my laundry area. Recently my husband did a renovation of the school room area (hence the purty wood flooring, the purty paint and all that stuff? :)) Anyways, my laundry stuff had been enclosed in a small closet in my kitchen. Yeah. Kinda noisy. Kinda messy in a way. Not ideal for sure. So, when he was doing this renovation he moved the washer and dryer out into the other room for me! Its basically just on the opposite side of the wall that it used to be on so it worked out perfectly. And I LOVE it! Just thought i'd "show it off" *smile*

Here's the wide shot of the room. behind the picture is the school area. This part of the room is the sewing, a bit of play and the laundry. and then the open door leads to the kitchen.

I got these wooden letters online at and spray painted them! Hubby hung them up with small brad nails.

Here's the laundry area nice and up close. A bag of clothes pins hanging up, a nice shelf above the laundry...

I happened upon this cutely painted washboard at Ross one day. I scooped it up for a couple bucks. I thought it added a nice touch.

Baskets I snagged at Target. I hear they are on sale around back to school time... I love the color!

A jar of laundry soap, a tall one of laundry softner baggies (lavendar scented. Mom got them for me at an Amish store in Ohio last year), a canning jar of Borax and a few more containers from Target holding more cleaning supplies.

And there you have it! My laundry space. I love it! It's like... the best area to do laundry ever. *wink*

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  1. Very cute and functional! I was just thinking it might be fun to spray paint some cardboard letters. Nicely done!