Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our Home School Room (you knew you wanted to see!)

And here it is folks! Our School Room at home. :)
It's lacking a love seat under the window, but other than that we are nicely settled and feeling right at home.

Weather Chart and our 100's chart. On the side wall is a cork board with the Jewish calendar (a school project) and a few name "cards" the two youngers made.

And we have a day's of the week, months, seasons chart! (notice at the bottom it has a weather option as well...)

Our Calendar Station

Just a different angled view of our little school room space

An inside view of the school cabinet. (just because I knew you wanted to see in it. Shucks! I would!)

So there you have it folks! An up close, inside view of our humble school room. It's not all that fancy, but we sure like it! It's wonderful to have a space devoted just to school...

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