Friday, August 31, 2012

The Gift of: Sunflowers

 What do you do when you see a whole field filled with sunflowers and you have three cute little kidlets? Why you take pictures, of course!! I happened to see this field last night when we were driving passed and I was bound and determined to get back there today and take some pictures!!
 How often does one see a field full of these happy flowers growing in Tennessee anyways?
Aren't they beautiful?! In case you didn't know, sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers (right up there with the Rose. ;))
 Sun, blue sky and yellow. Sooooo happy. Such a GIFT.
 I tried out some black and white. Just because....

 God's gift to me today. Thank you, Lord for loving me! :)
Bright and smiling faces, lifted towards the sun, standing tall.
The Gift of Sunflowers on a Friday. On the last day of August.
What could be better?!
Happy weekend y'all! :) 

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