Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cookie Joy Moments

It's been one of those weeks where you want to just crawl in a hole and hide and wait til it's all over.
But of course I'm mom. So I can't do things like that. I have to stand up and face the giant's. And believe me, there have been some giants to face this week. Three little giants to be exact.
I want to share this because I want you to know that I am normal. My life isn't some utopian of perfect. No, I face very real battles with self. Battles with attitudes in my children as well as in myself and life is a very real struggle at times. But I am also sharing this because through all those messy and imperfect and very unphotogenic moments there are also the ones that are worth capturing. Worth remember. The moments that bring joy and smiles to a Mother's face.
This was one of those moments:
"It's SO much fun to make cookies,  mommy! It's a blast!"
 This is the little girl who has had such a rough week. Trouble going to sleep at night without a fierce battle. My typically very easy child. She's had a rough few days. Of course there's lots of good times too but if you look back as a whole over the past little while you can tell, she's struggling and she's had a rough time. But here she is, submerged in chocolate (carob) cookie dough and she's happy. It's fun. And there's JOY.
 I catch her as she shares a snitch of dough with baby sister. She's so motherly. She wants to grow up and yet she wants to be little. It's that in between. She's almost six years old. Some days she wants to be 4 and other days she wants to be 10. She wants to read and other times she doesn't. It's a mixed up world and she's trying to maneuver it and it's sometimes scary and uncertain...
 The cookies come out of the oven all warm and crackly. They look so pretty. She's done such a nice job. She sweetly asks if she may try one and I let her.
Later she makes bread with assistance from mommy and she's so proud as she tries a slice later. She's so tickled that she made the bread for the family.
 It's the little things in life. The cookie dough mustache's, the happy chatter of accomplishment.
It really is a beautiful life. We just have to filter through the tough spots to get to the better spot on the other side.

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  1. Nice nice nice. Love these thoughts. Love that little big girl who's growing up so fast. And those cookies look yummy!