Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rebecca Turns Two

Happy Birthday, Rebecca!! Two Years old! How did that happen?!
You love Owls... so mommy planned a special party for you. All about Owls.
See your adorable Owl cake? The little wings and feathers are made with slivered Almonds and the eyes are made with dried apple rings and smashed raisins. Whole Almonds make up the nose and the toes. Way too cute. ;) It's Lemon Cake-with a lemon middle filling. Oh so yum. And vegan too! I found the recipe here (click)
 I tried to take a few pictures of you on Sabbath morning before church. You told me you were two and tried to hold up two fingers.
 See your little lips forming the words, "two"? :)
 I guess I should have uploaded the pictures from your sisters camera as well. Because she especially sent her camera into Sabbath School with daddy so that he could take a picture of you blowing out your two birthday candles. You looked awfully cute.
But by the time Sabbath School and church and then Potluck were over you were just so tired.
Mommy tried to put on that cute little Tu-Tu that she spent hours tieing tulle for. You know, especially for you to wear on your birthday? And that sweet little shirt with the owl Applique on it that I made for you too? Well... a picture is worth a thousand words. The Tu Tu wasn't tu tu excepted by yu yu. Ah well. A mom can try, right? ;)
 Actually, Nana looked better in the Tu-Tu anyways. ;) hehe
 Nana and Papa painted you a sweet little rocking chair for your special day. You liked that real well. It's so much fun to rock!
 Mommy, Hannah and Nathan decorated the table all fun with Owl decor.
 You kept pointing out all the Owls and laughing at them. You thought they were just great!
 We had Pink Lemonade, Potato Soup(click for link) which I added a cashew cream to. And maybe a few other things as well, but you know how that goes...mommy just dashes, dumps and pours and then forgets. Oh well, it was good. ;) And we had little finger sandwhiches-one was a Vegan Cream Cheese and Olive, one was a Pimiento "Cheese" and the other was Hummus. Yum yum! And then we had carrot Sticks! (and cake and icecream of course ;))
 You leaned in and blew those 2 candles out like a champ. You go girl! :)
 I think you liked it! Look at that smile. :)
Happy birthday sweet Rebecca Joy! We love you sooo much!  We had so much fun celebrating with YOU! :)


  1. That cake is SO AWESOME, Sarah!! I just love everything about it! The whole birthday party is the cutest ever. Good job, mama!

  2. So precious!! I wish we could have been there!! Love you Rebecca, from Uncle David, Auntie Heather and Eliana.