Thursday, September 20, 2012

ReCap from Last Weekend's Camping Trip

Hey! Where's my spot? I'm supposed to be the one laying in that hammock. With my book, remember? (see last post) I lamented later to my husband that I thought I'd probably need a month's worth of camping just to get through one book (or maybe that's one chapter?) You know, 3 minutes at a time? Ah well, the kid's sure enjoyed it!
 And here's our lovely little camp site. All set up and ready to go. Oh it was so nice! We had such a wonderful weekend. It went past so quickly and honestly, if it wasn't so much work to get ready to go, I would do it again in a heartbeat! We loved our tent. Nice and tall and easy to move around in with a divider between the two sections.
 Rebecca liked watching the fire. She did really well around it, though she almost lost her balance one time and about took my heartrate away. Or maybe it was just giantly excelerated? (the heartrate.) At any rate, It gave me quite a scare.
 So of course the one primary goal of camping is roasting marshmallows. Or so it would seem. Nathan was on a marshmallow hunt from the moment we arrived on site. He knew they were with us, he just couldn't figure out where! It was rather funny really.... he just kept looking!
 And what's a camping trip without good food to eat? We had plenty of that! Lots of fun camping fare. Nathan's enjoying Taco's here. Relaxing in the hammock, taking a giant bite. Roar!
 See what I mean? Pretty yummy stuff.
 We took a beautiful scenic drive through Cades Cove and saw a lot of wildlife! 4 bears, 2 bucks, several other deer, coyote, turkey.... Lots of fun. :)
 We took a fast paced hike to see a waterfall. It was a grueling hike. 6 miles of steep inclines and declines. 7 children ages 5 and under. We did it in 2 1/2 hrs. I thought we did quite well.
 See? I even have proof. We made it to the waterfall. Not as much water going over it as is typical I am told, but it was a waterfall nonetheless. The kid's all rolled up pant legs (or not) and waded into the cold water.
 Here's one of the Buck's we saw. I believe it was a 4 pointer. You can just see the tinge of color in the mountains. Fall is in the air peeps!
 Beautiful sunset to end the day. Wonderful outdoor church sermon on the Last Day's. Good company. Wonderful Sabbath.
 Sunday morning we packed up camp and headed for home. Unloaded. Unpacked. And climbed into bed. *yawn* Rebecca was happy to see a bed. Any bed! Even sister's bed! She climbed in and told me she was going to sleep. Pulled up the covers and closed her eyes. Poor sleepy little lass. We all piled into bed by about 6:30 or so.
So when's the next camping trip? I can't wait! So we lost a little sleep. So what... that's old hat around here. haha! Honestly though, even though I didn't get as much sleep while camping as I would at home, I came home very refreshed feeling and that feeling last all week. I like that!
Well, I guess it's bedtime. I hope you enjoyed the snippets of our weekend that I was able to capture!
Til Next time,