Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Taking School Outside

There are days when school just begs to be taken outside.
And when you homeschool... this can become a nice option. *smile*
One day recently, we did just that.
The sun was bright, the sky crystal clear and free from humidity, the temperatures were slightly cooler then they have been and we had art projects to do. What's better than minimal clean-up, right? So outside we went.
 We were studying about the "Seaons" in Science. And what's better than some old Country magazines chuck full of great photos to clip, depicting idealic moments of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter? :) Old magazines, crayons, markers, watercolors, cardstock, scissors, glue and construction paper and we were all set for some fun times!
 There's so much peace and contentment outside...
 Rebecca wanted her handprint painted orange too... ;) She was a pretty mess by the time we were done. But she sure had fun!
 Nathan took his assignments quite seriously. He did some pretty neat handprint art!
 I found this neat idea on Pinterest and Nathan did a great job with it.
 And of course...when we were all done we HAD to have a place to display all of this fine art! 2 thumb tacks, some ribbon and some clothespins took care of that trouble! :)
You will see that we made some fun collages out of magazine art for all 4 seasons! It looked like so much fun that I joined in on it too and made my own collage. Ha! Yep. Mama's gotta have some fun too! :)


  1. Wow, that's a super cute season handprint activity! Love it all, Sarah. Nice work. :)