Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Capturing the Essence of Autumn

 It must be my most favorite season of the year.
There's so much warmth. So much hominess and coziness.
So much vibrancy to fill the eyes. It's as if Nature is giving us it's all out best before it shuts down for Winter's rest.
 It's there in the pop of YELLOW in my front porch rocker
 It's there in the leaves that have begun feathering the ground.

The essence of Autumn is in my home. It's symbolized in the canisters of a variety of beans on my kitchen counter.
 Or hanging on the front door in the form of a handmade Autumn wreath.
 I capture some of Autumn's bounty just before you walk in the door. Straw bales and pumpkins, squashes and mums.
 The vivid colors greet me and lift my spirits. Making for a cheerful day.
 Bright ORANGE. In all it's vividness. Displayed in a Pumpkin.
 Tea light apples, glowing in the Autumn eve
 The flavors of Autumn, held in a Pumpkin Scone. The delicate spices are heavenly.
 A bucket of cold pressed apple cider. Straight from the orchard. Can it get any better??
 And just for fun. Just for looks. Most certainly NOT for the deliciousness of chocolate. Little Acorn Kisses. What's not to love?
 The Essence of Autumn. Most perfectly captured in an Orchard fresh Apple. Crunch.

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures that I've captured of the beginning of Autumn.
I've found a few other adorable ideas that I'd love to do if time permits and I am just going to list their sweet little links for you to click as you desire. ;)
Leaf Pillows
or click on the sidebar link to my Pinterest board where all my really fun and inspiring stuff is stored. ;)

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  1. I enjoyed your essence of autumn! I love the color in the pumpkins. Such nice pumpkins you have!