Thursday, October 25, 2012

Where do I Even Begin?

I have so much to write about. And yet, I don't even know where to begin. There's been SO much going on lately!

*We took a wonderful trip to Ohio for a whole week. It was a very beneficial family vacation and we so enjoyed visiting with family and friends during the week.

*The fall colors are spectacular and I am so loving taking pictures of the vibrant leaves as well as cute little children playing in them. ;)

*I got some new kitchen knives while in Ohio and since being home I have been having a blast trying them all out on fun foods in the kitchen. I think too much fun... the scale had crept upwards just a bit this morning. *sigh* guess it's time to find other creative outlets for a few days? haha! I've made homemade bagels (oh wow yum! fresh with "cream cheese", avacado and tomatoe slices on them.) Homemade Linguini with sundried tomatoes and specialty olives minced up all over them and freshly steamed artichokes, pomegranites and all sorts of things. Way too much fun. ;)

*Getting ready for our (almost) annual Fall church bonfire at our place on Sunday.

*Started a book club at church and now trying to find time to read! ha!

*Made 2 bushels of apples into applesauce. I need to go get 2 more bushels (or more) to make into more sauce next week. Busy busy!

*School going wonderfully well with Hannah. (now I need to find time to work with Nathan!! Seems he has to be enrolled in Kindergarten next year in accordance with the state law-via homeschool of course) She is learning to read and is coming right along with it all!

*Hannah is also doing terrifically in piano! The teacher is very impressed with her progress for one so young and I am thoroughly impressed by how well she is picking everything up! Way to go Hannah!

*Trying to keep up with everybody and everything. Life certainly has gotten busier lately!

*And now I guess I will pop a few pictures into this post and call it good. I'm tired tonight!

So long for now my friends...

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