Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hannah's 6th Birthday (Prairie Style)

On November 7th Miss Hannah Rose turned a great big SIX!
 Where on earth has time gone to?!
For her happy day she chose to have a prairie style theme. Little House on the Prairie. *smile*
With much searching the internet and mind I came up with fun little party for her and we invited some friends to share the day. I so wish i would have gotten pictures of the whole group! That would have been so nice. But alas, party coordinator and photographer as well as mommy is a big role to juggle! So there arent as many detailed pictures as I would wish.
 I set the table up with supplies for our activities. We had squares of scrapbook paper to make into patchwork quilts, a pile of Little House on the Prairie books, a stack of embroidery hoops with either a flower or a hoop pencil drawn onto fabric and a bowl of potpouri and fabric squares to make sachets.
 Up close shot of the Potpouri and fabric scraps
 Books i read to the kids in between the activities
 Embroidery hoops with the design penciled in and embroidery floss. The children enjoyed making designs.
 a couple of the kids working on their embroidery. We had 4 boys and 4 girls! :)
 The pretty scrapbook paper quilt squares. :)
 Hannah and one of her little friends.
 Hannah's birthday cake. *smile*
The menu was: Mini "meatloaves", cooked baby carrots, greenbeans and mashed potatoes.
 After lunch, while I was putting the baby to bed, my friend Marta helped the kids try and dip candles. It was a total experiment but It worked! They made some fairly small candles. But had a lot of fun trying their hand at it.
We had such a nice time! I was going to have the kids make butter as well, but forgot to pick up the cream. Haha! Oh well. There was plenty of activities and I think the kids all really enjoyed themselves.
That evening we had another party with family. Grandpa, Grandma's, Nana and Papa and a few Uncles. :) Just a nice big crockpot of spaghetti, garlic bread, salad and greenbeans with a lemon jello cake for dessert. And presents. Hannah should be all set for keeping house now. Haha! :)
Happy Birthday my dear Hannah! You are a beautiful young lady. Inside and Out.

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