Monday, November 19, 2012

The Great Living Room Re-Do

It all started a couple of weeks ago. The demolition of the living room as we have known it for the past 7 1/2 years. Oh yes, there have been some changes along the way, but this change was far more than adding in a fireplace or a new sofa. This chance involved taking all the furniture out of the living room and leaving the whole room empty and bare. It looked awful!
 And then the demolition crew began. Innocent little things aren't they? Ripping out the carpet and the padding... Diligent and industrious little helpers!
 Then came a day of very noisy drilling of boards into concrete. And then tar paper was rolled out. And all the walls were patched in places where the plaster had cracked over the years.
 The place was getting really ugly now! Put it all back,honey! Look at my bedroom! We could barely move in it! All the furniture was in there!
 But then the paint was on. Nearly gave my dear husband a heart attack to see color on the walls. What is it with men and white,neutral colors? ;) He decided he liked it. All is well. We also painted the brick fireplace white for accent.
 And then.... the floor was done! November 7th. Just in time for Hannah's birthday. it wasn't all completed yet. But the floor was finally finished. Such alot of piecing!
 At long last the furniture was put back in place. The baseboard was completed! Mike made all the baseboard and door moulding himself with his woodworking equipment. I am so proud of him! And very pleased with the finished product.
 And there she is! The living room re-do!
 I love it! No more dust laden, stained carpet! haha!
Now I have to figure out curtains! Something warm and cheery....
Lots of work, lots of noise, lots of chaos. But totally worth it. :)

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