Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas'y' Doing's Pt.1

 We've been doing doing doing around here!
I finally got around to creating those tomato cage Christmas trees that have been floating around the web for a few years... And I love how they turned out with the added tinsel to add some nice effect.
I found the fresh wreath's for 5.00 at Walmart and I convinced my dear hubby to hang the icicle lights!
 A certain little somebody is completely enraptured with "Chriptis" lights this year. ;)
 I love her little glowing face as she looks at the lights.
 The kid's got mini lit trees (fake) this year for their bedrooms. So they decorated them all purty-like and have gotten shocked several times now plugging them in. Poor things. Maybe they'll learn...someday...
 I found Poinsetta's at Lowe's for .99 on Thanksgiving weekend. I think they add a really pretty touch.
And last but not least...the tree. Love it! Bushy and sweet. The kid's decorated it so nicely this year! And the ornaments aren't dissappearing as they have in years past. babies must be growing up! *sniff*
There's red candles and snowmen on the coffee table and a snowman wall hanging in the entry way, a snowy flag hanging outdoors.
It feels cozy and Christmas'y' and I am thankful.
What about you? :)

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