Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas'y' Doing's Pt.2

Handmade gifts are often times the most meaningful and typically the most economical as well.
In striving to cut down Christmas expenses this year we opted to find a few fun items to make for gifts. Gifts for those we want to know we care.
First up: Vanilla Sugar Scrub! 
 Ohhhh so easy. 3 cups Sugar, 1 c. Almond Oil and Essential oil to scent. I happened to use Vanilla. Though I did see an awesome peppermint scent or even Lavendar would be really nice.
 The Hannah enjoyed stirring. While sucking on a Peppermint stick.
 And the Nathan enjoyed licking the mixing spoon. Honestly. Eating hand scrub? Yep. Sugar and oil. Yum. ha!
 I used the very small jelly jars and a 1/4 c. measurer and scooped it into the jars.
 I simply used the little labels in the jar box.
 And tied some ribbon I found at Dollar General around the lid. Voila! A lovely little gift.
Perfect for Piano teachers, Sabbath School teachers, friends and family alike! :)
Mmm..... it feels nice. Incidentally I made a jar or two using brown sugar and loved the results! Try it sometime!

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