Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas'y' Doing's Pt.3

 Way too much fun!! Melted Chocolate! Sprinkles! Toffee Pieces! Crushed Candy Cane! Such happy little faces. :)
 Those smiling little faces and very busy little hands turned pretzels and all those little additions into tasty treats for others. Dipping dipping. Oh so much fun!
 Pretzels in the oven with chocolate kisses on top (but please take some wisdom from one now wise... don't put them in a 400* oven. Those poor little kisses will NOT melt. They will only turn into a poor crumbly mess.... rather use a 200* oven for perfection in the melting department.)
Melted in a 200* oven for a few minutes, take out and press an M + M into the center! Cute!
 All placed in an adorable tin that Hannah happened to see at the Dollar General. Snowmen and Snowflakes. :)
 Such a fun treat for Neighbors, friends, church members, teachers, family...
All the happy little tins packed with goodies waiting to be delivered with a cheery smile. :)
Are you making any goodies for others this Season? 

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