Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas'y' Doing's Pt.5

I enjoy the many fun and homey things to do during the holiday season. I love listening to Christmas music, baking goodies, recieving cards in the mail, purusing Pinterest for nifty decorating ideas or baking, And all the other gifts of the season.
Our family loves to take a drive on Christmas Eve (as possible) and look at all the lights in the neighborhoods around us. Last year we ordered Pizza and ate it while we drove around. that was a fun memory that could make a delightful tradition! :)  
In past years we've done the 12 days before Christmas using baby socks, hung up with little ditties in them. The kids opened one each evening. It had small gifts as simple as an extra story before bedtime. :) It doesn't have to be much to make little ones happy. :)
I'll try to share any other things we might do in the days leading up to Christmas!
In the meantime... Enjoy your family  this holiday season. Savor the small stuff- like simmering Cranberries, Cinnamon sticks, cloves and orange peels in water on the woodstove (or the stove) just to enjoy the scents...oh so homey! (thanks, Laura for that wonderful combination idea!)

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